Here are some more recent photos that Melissa (Jim's wife) sent me. This is a group named: Cigars and Cataracs. Click on any photo for more info.

Hello I'm Forest Carson. I worked in three bands, over 12 years, with the late, great Jimmy Unger. In the early 70's with The Younger Brothers (Tony Cornell - Front man/Road manager, Doug Palmer - Steel Guitar, me on Bass, "Bear" - Drums, and Jimmy on 5 String Fiddle) out of Alexandra, Virginia who eventually became the backup band, the Dreamlovers (Tony Cornell, Doug Palmer, me,"Bear", Gary White - Guitar, Phil Redmond - Piano and Jimmy) for Billy "Crash" Craddock. Billy's band changed through the years with changing drummers (Buddy Badget), guitar players (Dave Powellson, Carl Smith), back-up singers (Willy Winn and the Tennesseeans and the Southern Knights), but the core members, Tony, Doug, me, Phil and Jim stayed with Billy till 1979.

Here is a rare photo from the early 90's (below) sent in by Tammy Jo
Left to right > Jim Unger, Jim Wells, Lewis Epling, Randy McCoy, Tammy Jo, and Jeff Knight
at Big Jim Country, Lewisburg, TN

None of us had much money back then before we went to work for Billy. We were all starving musicians. I think I was the only one that worked during the day when I first met Jim and joined the Younger Brothers. We were a good house band working in a upper class country bar in Alexandria, Va. with up and coming new Nashville recording artists. We backed many Country Stars when they came into town. We would of been Ronnie Milsap's band except Ronnie wanted us to fire Bear on drums so we went to work for Billy instead. It was a great experience in all our lives.

In 1979 Forrest, Phil and Jim moved to Texas to become stars our self. Ha. Doug also left, but went to work for Buddy Emmons Steel Guitars.

So Phil, me, Jim and a little drummer boy named Greg, moved to Beaumont, Texas to work at The Palace Restaurant and Bar in a brand new band, the Texas Tradition, with Gary Morbey and Mark Nestler till about 1982. Managed by Bill Starnes, he kept us working, got us into making recordings, and provided us an old house in the back of the club to live in. There was some real partying going on back then. The Palace was a Steakhouse, Disco and upstairs there was live entertainment. Ray Charles, Asleep at the Wheel, Merle Haggard, David Allen Coe and many more were playing at the Palace on the weekends. And we would open up. We were eating Steak every night, drinking Tequila till we couldn't walk, Two Stepping, flirting with all the ladies, and playing Cowboy music. We were in heaven. We even played Gilleys. Eventually Bill Starnes opened a new club called Wild Bills, also in Beaumont. This was a much bigger place and now, we had our own Cowboy and Cowgirl dancing team doing shows with us.

In 1982, I got married and moved to Ft. Worth / Dallas area and played with many a local band on bass or piano and also started working in the computer field. I retired from the band scene in 2005. I have been making web sites for a living since 1997. I have two sons Cody 22 and Brandon 20. All my wives left me. So I have plenty of time to keep this site going. I have many photos and early recordings of Jimmy from the 70's and the 80's that I will add. Some of the photos are not too good. They are all scanned. Where was the digital camera back then.

I had only talked to Jimmy two times since 1982 so I only have info and photos about Jimmy's music career till 1982. I always thought Jimmy would live forever and I would call him tomorrow and say hello.

Here is a new photo, about 1987, submitted by my good friend, Roger Schoolfield. Glenn Gordon has not been with us for some time. He was a great guitarist who's time also came to soon.

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Jimmy, this web site is for you.